Antiwar Slogans

Demonstrations often need lots of signs and banners. Here are a few ideas for slogans, in alphabetical, thus no particular, order:

Against U.S. Supremacy and Endless War
Against War
Are all the weapons and wars making us feel safer?
Bombs Away
Boom Boom Money Money
Disarm Now!
Do The Wars We Wage Make Us Safer?
Drones keep us safe, like the atom bomb
Drones: the next big thing for the 1%
Endless Bloodshed, War Without End
Endless War Waged Without Consent
Endless War, Endless Bloodshed
Endless war: wet-dream of the 1%
Fight Terrorism: Dismantle the Pentagon Now
For the People and the Planet: Cancel the Apocalypse
How many more have to die in U.S.-initiated wars?
Investing in drones is investing in the destruction of humankind
Killing is big business: war profiteering was a crime in WW II — it still is
Mission Possible: No War
No Allegiance To Endless War
No Allegiance To War And Plunder
No Consent To Endless War
No More Blood for Oil
No more Killing for Wall Street
No More Regimes Changes
No To Endless War
No War Begins with U.S.
No War Business as Usual
Nonviolence or nonexistence –M.L. King, Jr.
Obama: World’s #1 War Criminal
Our Humanity Is Torn Apart By Endless War
Peace will not come out of a clash of arms, but out of justice lived. –Gandhi
Resist Endless War
Rich People’s War, Poor People’s Blood
Shut It Down!
Shut Up and Disarm!
Stop the Bomb
Stop These Endless Wars
Terrorism Won’t End Terrorism!
The 1% profit from war while the Earth dies
The arms industry produces amputees and other casualties
The Planet Will Not Survive the U.S. Empire
The Universe vs. The U.S. Machine
The war on terror is a 1% hustle
The war will end when the dead inherit the Earth
There Is No End In Sight To Wars Without End
U.S. Corps. = Iraqi & American Corpses
U.S. out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen now!
U.S. War Machine
U.S. Wars — Not in Our Name, Not With Our Money
War is a racket. –Brig. Gen. Smedley Butler
War on Terror: 1.3 Million Deaths
War profiteers are war criminals
WAR, What Is It Good For?
We Say NO to War
We See Endless War
We will all be zombies soon
When will we admit we’re going to war for oil companies?
Years of endless slaughter in Iraq