Demonstrate Against Taxes for War

Taxes for Peace — Not for War!

Monday, May 17, 2021
3 pm – 5 pm
Times Square Military Recruiting Station (43 St. & 7th Ave.), followed by march to GPO (32 St. & 8th Ave.)

On May 17 — the final day to file federal income taxes — we will demonstrate against federal income taxes being spent on the U.S. military and its wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, and other countries instead of being spent on desperately needed medical care, climate change, housing, education, pollution abatement, meaningful jobs, and general improvement in the quality of life.

3 pm Gather at the Times Square Armed Forces Recruiting Station, 43rd Street and Seventh Avenue.
3:30 pm March down Eighth Avenue to 32nd Street. We will be joined by Rude Mechanical Orchestra.
4 to 5 pm Protest, vigil, and leaflet at the General Post Office and Moynihan Train Hall.

Please join us with signs, banners, leaflets, singing, masks, all the while maintaining 6 feet of spacing. If you plan to attend, please check “going” on the Facebook event page for the action.

To download a 2-up PDF of the call-to-action flyer, click on the image below (when printing, be sure to cut into two halves):

May 17 call-to-action flyerWe will also providing information about refusing to pay taxes for war. For more information on how federal income taxes dollars are spent, please see the War Resisters League’s “pie chart” at

Sponsors: NYC War Resisters League, Veterans for Peace/Chapter 34, Brooklyn For Peace, Peace Action New York State, Granny Peace Brigade, Peace Action of Staten Island, Manhattan Project for a Nuclear Free World, Catholic Worker, Kairos Community, Pax Christi Metro New York (list in formation).

For more information, email or call 718-768-7306