WTR Posters and Signs

War tax resistance posters and signs. To download a JPG, click on an image to go to an enlarged version, then right click on bigger image to copy or save. If you need a PDF or something higher resolution, please contact us at NYCWRL@nycwarresisters.org.

War Machine vs. coronavirus

Copyrighted by Joel Pett and used with his permission

WRL Federal Pie Chart FY2021WRL Federal Pie Chart - FY2021 WRL Federal Pie Chart - FY2021I would no more pay taxes to the IRS than kill for the PentagonWAR: Not with my money. I refuse to pay.What if they gave a war and nobody paid? I won't pay!Disrupt war through tax refusalI stopped paying for war. You can, too. Priorities: 1 F-35 bomber vs. 2,200 ventilators

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