No Nukes Organizing Meeting — CANCELLED

But it will be rescheduled

DATE: TBD, 2020
TIME: 7 pm
PLACE: Judson Church, 239 Thompson St. (1/2 block south of Washington Sq. Pk.)

A mass antinuclear weapons conference, march, and rally had been scheduled for April 24-26 but they have been cancelled because of the coronavirus.

As it’s been 75 years since the United States atomic bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, these events will attract people from around the world. NYC War Resisters League with several other groups are considering a nonviolent direct action at the U.S. Mission at a future date, possibly August 6.

How to Refuse to Pay Taxes for War

War Tax Resistance Workshop

Half page flyer to print, or print this 2-up PDF (letter size paper) and help us promote the workshop. Thanks!

Introductory Workshop

DATE: Tuesday, March 10
TIME: 6:30 pm
PLACE: Maryhouse, 55 East 3rd Street
near 2nd Avenue, between 1st and 2nd Aves., Manhattan

TOPICS INCLUDE which taxes go to war; how to resist; risks, joys, and consequences of resistance; federal budget basics; resources and support; plenty of time for Q & A.

“Let them march all they want, just so long as they continue to pay their taxes.”
—Alexander Haig, U.S. Secretary of State, responding to the 1982 March for Nuclear Disarmament